Aug 9, 2011

Katsugen Undo

I remember a conversation with Jack Hasegawa who was the director of the East Asia Center of Friends World College in Kyoto in mid-70's. I was telling him about Katsugen Undo which I started to learn. And he responded with a laughter and said "As a Quaker college graduate, you found the right place." Until he pointed out I was not aware of such similarity between them. I always liked the way he laughed.

The Idea of the Body in Japanese Culture and its Dismantlement

Before proceeding to Keiko(稽古)- practice, I would like to introduce the paper titled "The Idea of the Body in Japanese Culture and its Dismantlement" written by Hioryuki Noguchi, the director of the Shintai Kyoiku Kenkyusho. This paper was prepared for International Journal of Sport and Health Science in 2003.

a new start

I am starting this blog because I should write what I practice.
The tile of this blog "keiko-nin" means "one who practices".
Practice what? This is something I intend to write from now on.

I am a member of Seitai Kyokai which is widely understood as an organization which teaches Katsugen Undo, Yuki, and Soho techniques.
Within the Seitai Kyokai, we have a group named Shintai Kyoiku Kenkyusho. Official English translation has not given to the group, but direct translation can be like "Body Education Research Center." I have been with the group from the very beginning - since 1988. And what I am going to write about is what I have experienced being with the group.